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    looking to get rid of player lot

    LMK who you want i will get a list

    i also have many set fillers LMK what sets you need

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    thats going to take me some time ill get back to you with a list of pujols, hart, mcgwire, musial, morris, gibson, etc

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    Watch out brownie he might want a $50 Hall of Fame Superstar jersey for about $50 in commons!

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    pujols see how nobody cares
    lazer - i have a couple ill give you back the list

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    Do you have any 2003 Topps Chrome (I know, it's not a player lot, but it's worth a shot) or any John VanBenschoten, Bobby Bradley, TOny Alvarez, or 2003/2004 Pirates?


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    i need all magglio ordonez.... and please dont start anything on this board... settle that with PM's

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