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    2003 Topps T-205 Dontrell Willis AUTO Up For Trade!!!

    2003 Topps T-205
    - Dontrelle Willis Auto

    I am looking to get A nice GU Patch or Nice auto for this.

    PM me and LMK.

    Also take a look at the stuff on my site.


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    What is the BV on the card? I would like it, but I want to find something that will be worth your while.

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    Did you send that PM to me, b/c I dod not get it.

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    Your mailbox is full, PM ME after you clean it

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    check my site, lmk what you need for it..


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    Sorry didnt see anything I could use for it.


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    I cleaned it out.

    I olny had 4 messages in my in box. I deleted them all. Try again please. Let me know if it gets bounced.

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    You have to delete the ones in your sent box too, not just the inbox

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