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    WTT: 04 Donruss Timelines Recollection Autograph #175 David Justice (1/2)

    nice card, scan avaiable upon request, pack certified auto with only two out there.... Im looking for some chicago cub autos in return trade lmk what you have thanks

    04 Donruss Timelines Recollection Autograph #175 David Justice (1/2

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    I have a Billy Williams Timelines Call to the Hall GOLD auto #1/25 I will trade for it if interested.

    Justice is one of my favorite ball players of all time.

    PLMK thru PM



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    thanks for the offer but Im really looking for active player more than the vintage stuff.....if you have anything else please let me know

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    I'm interested...PM me with the amont of BV you're looking for. I have an 03 Bowman Chrome Harvey RC Auto to start things off...

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    sorry I didnt see anything else I could use to put with the Harvey Auto, thanks anyway

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    sorry no cash, I only trade.....I would have thrown this card on ebay if I was looking for cash out of it, thanks for the offer though

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