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    Talking lot of PLAYOFF CLASS REUNION QUADS ft!!

    i have 8 "Playoff Class Reunion Quads" featuring star players for trade. im not sure, but i think theyre from 1998. Last time i had a football beckett, The Jerry Rice one was $50 and the Warrick Dunn one was $40, the rest were $20 i believe, but one of yall with a current football beckett can correct me. Each card has two players on each side, and the cards are oversized, maybe 1.5 times a regular card each way.. im looking to trade the whole lot for one nice baseball auto, or some nice rcs.. bonds especially.
    lmk what you got, i dont really collect football so take em off my hands.. heres the players on each card, the first two on one side, the last two on the back:

    warrick dunn//corey dillon//jake plummer//antowain smith

    jim harbaugh//rod woodson//chris carter// vinny testeverde

    keith byars//leslie oneal//seth joyner//ray brown

    doug flutie//andre reed//brucesmith//jerry rice

    michael irvin//neil smith//tim brown//chris chandler x2

    carl pickens//robert brooks//mark chmura//brad johnson

    jeff hostetler//reggie white//steve young//irving fryar

    the lot books over $200, and i wuld trade them all for one or two nice cards...(not neccessarily equal book, would most likely be in your favor)

    if no one wants them all, and youre interested in one or two, maye w can work out smething smaller.


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    i just got an update on the current bvs.. the RICE one is $25, the YOUNG one is $20, DILLON is $15, and all the rest are $12 except ONEAL which is $10.. thanks

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