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Thread: Artistic Impressions

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    Artistic Impressions

    Whats up everyone I am looking for Artistic impressions cards GU GOLD Jerseys, and most importantly the Great Depictions GOLD Subset each card is numbered out of 75 so any help would be great!! I also am looking for the Artistic Impressions Auto'd Framed Pics I have 1 so I am happy but if you have ANY of this stuff I am looking for please help me thanks email me ASAP!!!!

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    not a very big one anymore, I have cash, but what or who in particular are you looing for I dont have time to type otu a whole list right now, I definitely need to but I cant, I am goin to add to my wbsite soon, but let me know what or who you are looking for thanks!!!

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    no the gagne is the only one i have right now. i'm looking for Curtis Joseph, Mikael Tellqvist and Stantislav Chistov cards.
    if you dont have anything we'll work out something for cash

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    um rightn ow I have 2 BAP autographs of cujo both go for 40$ let me know if you are interested in any of them

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