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    Have all the Panini Golden Age now except the 1/1 Aqueous card?

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    What is Panini Golden Age? Which one is that in the pic Tom?

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    Panini Golden Age is a set that came out a bit ago with a ton of stars and retired guys, and a bunch of non-sports people too. Kinda neat, but didn't have all the licenses. The pennant and the two others that look the same are ALL from Golden Age.

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    Panini Golden Age is a new product recently released (all the cards on the top row0. They have various card backs for the minis and various mini back colors. 2 different pennant colors (blue and yellow) For the regular size, they have the base and a base SP. Also for the Red Grange, they had a Newark Times card 4 posts above (in center) and a stand up card (page 24 2 posts from the bottom)

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