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    Does anyone have information on a 1983 card release that featured HOF autographs?

    I am contemplating purchasing a set of 11 autographed cards from a guy. The cards were issued in 1983 by a company called Authentic Sports Autographs and featured an 11 card set of each of the 11 hall of fame players and an autographed title card. Has anyone seen these before?

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    First off, this should probably be in the Baseball Car Forum not the Trading Forum. Secondly, I have a Beckett Alamanac from 2000, & there's no kind of listing in it for the cards you're asking about. You might want to go to & ask them, maybe they can give you some info.


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    just checked beckett...they are listed under ASA auto cards but it says there are only BV on them is about $425

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