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    Just opened a pack of upper deck rookie eclusives....does anybody want them

    no clue the Bv..but i pulled a lebron carmello, darko....I also got a kaman game used jersey...

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    I like the kaman jersey... Take CC? If not please check my site....


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    hey canuhandledisman, where ya been?

    You sent me the malone and I could never get in touch with you.

    I didnt think you were sending since it took so long and I traded away the bosh jersey.

    I still have the darko gold refractor, I can add in another jersey from my site, lmk I'd like to send you your cards and get this trade completed!


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    well bad....i been of hiatus..but anyways..yeah i want the darko.....n just send me a jersey card....of a rookie..and ill be long as it from this year class of rookies...

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    There is no book on them, i figure together they should book $25. anything in particular you need?

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    Did you sse my post? I also might be interested in the melo and bron..... Check my site under rookies for them

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