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    Arrow Want to Trade ALL my football ( GU/AUTOS/Parallels/RCs/etc!)

    I dont watch football and have no interest in it anymore as im focusing only on basketball right now.

    Id like to move all my football if possible.

    I also have graded cards in the graded section on my site.

    The only cards I'd like to hang on to and not trade are the bledose and r.williams autos and the kurt warner auto....

    Id like to move everything else though.

    If I could get some of my sig wants thatd be awesome.

    I really only trade g/u for g/u and autos for autos UNLESS im trading up for a higher booking card I need.

    Please take a look and let me know, also please dont offer me any garbage basketball base or anything!



  2. Check out the Auctions from
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    Hideo Nomo 2002 Upper Deck Global Swatch Game Jersey
    Trevor Hoffman 2001 SP Game-Used Edition Authentic Fabric Jersey (w/stripe)
    DeShawn Stevenson 2000-01 Fleer Genuine Coverage Mostalgic jersey
    Corey Maggette 2000-01 Upper Deck Encore NBA Warm-ups

    Are you interested in any of these GU?...I am interested in some of your football certified autograph...

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    i like ur ricky auto...i figure id give it a shot since im getting out of basketball.....check my site

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    Id be interested in any of these...let me know...thanks

    2000 Fleer "Autographics Silver" Danny Farmer RC Autograph #049/250
    1999 Bowman "Certified Autograph Issue" D'Wayne Bates RC Autograph
    1999 SP Authentic "Player's Ink" Corey Dillon Autograph
    2003 Finite "Finite Jerseys" Rex Grossman RC (Jersey)
    2000 Edge "FOIL UPDATE RCS"
    -Brian Urlacher

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    Re: Want to Trade ALL my football ( GU/AUTOS/Parallels/RCs/etc!)

    The only cards I'd like to hang on to and not trade are the bledose and r.williams autos and the kurt warner auto....

    sorry cardking80, the ricky is just tooooo rare, I'd need something REALLY nice for it, BV is only $100 im looking for around $200 though because I have NEVER seen any, only available via redemption and I dont think very many if more than a few have been redeemed.....

    dmiles, no thanks no more autos for g/u,


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    The Burn: This is all I saw that I can use:

    2003 Donruss DK Hall of Fame Heroes Early Wynn (HH-6) jersey, # 05/50

    LMK BV,

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    TTT CMON Id like to move them out in bunches!!

    Someone must like them!

    Theres Quad Jerseys, Triple Jerseys, Dual Jerseys, Autos, Nice RCs, Parallels...

    Ehh screw it I bet most of the views are people who are to lazy to look at my site lol, so for those of you, heres what I have:


    2003 Bowman Chrome Talman Gardner RC Autograph Redemption
    2003 Bowman's Best Kareem Kelly RC Autograph #291/499
    2002 Stadium Club "Lonestar Signatures" Mike Pearson Autograph
    2002 SAGE HIT Quentin Jammer RC Autograph
    2001 Press Pass Jamar Fletcher RC Autograph
    2000 Fleer "Autographics Silver" Danny Farmer RC Autograph #049/250
    1999 Bowman "Certified Autograph Issue" D'Wayne Bates RC Autograph
    1999 SP Authentic "Player's Ink" Corey Dillon Autograph
    1994 Classic NFL Experience Trent Dilfer RC Autograph


    2003 Finite "Finite Jerseys" Rex Grossman RC (Jersey)
    2003 Honor Roll "Dean's List" Dave Ragone (Jersey)
    2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars "Rookie Masks" DeShaun Foster RC (Face Mask) #234/250
    2002 Head's Up "Jersey Quads" Joel Makovicka(RED)/Tywan Mitchell(RED)/Martay Jenkins(WHITE)/Bill Gramatica(WHITE) (Cardinals) (Quad Jersey)
    2002 Head's Up "Jersey Quads" Reggie Germany(BLUE)/Shawn Bryson(RED)/Sammy Morris(BLUE)/Jay Riemersma(BLUE) (Bills) (Quad Jersey)
    2002 Titanium Edgerrin James(Jersey)/Ricky Williams RC #054/250
    2002 Bowman's Best David Garrard RC Jersey
    2002 Showcase "Football's Best Memorabilia" Antowain Smith (Jersey)
    2002 Hot Prospects "Rookie Premiere Postmarks" Gerard Warren RC (Jersey) #1094/1500
    2001 Pacific Impressions "Triple Threads" Ron Dugans/Danny Farmer/Craig Yeast (Triple Jersey)
    2001 Vanguard "Double-Sided Authentic Game-Worn Jerseys) Moe Williams/Brad Hoover
    2001 Bowman "Senior Bowl" Jesse Palmer (Jersey)
    2001 Titanium "Dual Jerseys" Darnay Scott/Bill Schroeder
    2001 Playoff Honors "Alma Mater Materials" Olandis Gary (Jersey)
    2001 Atomic "Game-Worn Jersey" Terrell Smith (Jersey)
    2001 Atomic "Game-Worn Jersey" Napoleon Kaufman (Jersey)


    2002 Donruss David Carr RC
    2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars David Carr RC
    2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars Joey Harrington RC
    2001 Atomic Travis Henry RC #270/506
    1998 Topps Chrome Dante Culpepper RC
    1995 Bowman's Best Joey Galloway RC

    2000 Edge "FOIL UPDATE RCS"
    -Brian Urlacher
    -Chris Redman
    -Joe Hamilton
    -Shyrone Stith (x3)
    -Corey Simon (x2)
    -Sebastian Janikowski (x2)
    -Todd Husak
    -Chafie Fields
    -Sherrod Gideon (x2)
    -Rob Morris
    -Daniel Franks

    2000 Bowman RCs
    -Jamar Fletcher (GOLD)
    -Marques Tuiasosopo (GOLD)
    -Karon Riley
    -Marcus Stroud
    -Tyrone Robertson
    -Mario Monds
    -Dwight Smith
    -Dan O'Leary
    -Jameel Cook
    -Marlon McCree
    -Aaron Schobel


    2003 Leaf L.E. "Sky's The Limit" Dante Culpepper
    2002 Heads Update "Generations" Kurt Warner/Patrick Ramsey
    2002 Heads Update "Command Performances" Kurt Warner
    2002 Heads Update "Command Performances" Curtis Martin
    2001 Bowman's Best "Vintage Best" Paul Hornung
    2000 Private Stock "Extreme Action" Kurt Warner
    2000 Private Stock "Extreme Action" Edgerrin James
    2000 Private Stock "Canvas Reserve" Tim Couch
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" 0602/2000
    2000 Score "Numbers Game" Mark Brunell #0537/3060
    2000 Score "Numbers Game" Steve McNair #1790/2179
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Randy Moss NFL League Leader #1149/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Keyshawn Johnson #1106/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Warren Sapp #1056/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Kevin Carter #0294/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Marcus Robinson #0277/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Curtis Enis #0789/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Qadry Ismail #1702/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Rob Moore #1826/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Kevin Johnson #1972/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Chris Claiborne #0274/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" David Boston #0389/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Deion Sanders #1462/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Kevin Dyson #1894/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Ray Lucas #1187/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Derrick Brooks #1470/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Joe Montgomery #0805/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Derrick Mayes #0721/2000
    2000 Score "ScoreCard" Joe Horn #0779/2000
    2000 Score "Team 2000" Jimmy Smith #0160/1500
    2000 Score "Complete Players" Antonio Freeman
    2000 Score "Complete Players" Eddie George
    2000 Score "Complete Players" Isaac Bruce
    2000 Score "Complete Players" Mushin Muhammad
    2000 Score "Building Blocks" Akili Smith
    2000 Score "Building Blocks" John Kitna
    2000 Score "Building Blocks" Brian Griese
    2000 Score "Building Blocks" Jevon Kearse
    2000 Score "Building Blocks" Curtis Enis
    2000 Score "Building Blocks" Kevin Johnson
    2000 Score "Building Blocks" Fred Taylor
    2000 Edge Supreme "Route XXXIV" Stephen Davis

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    I still need that foster. How about my Brent Barry autograph along with my John Starks autograph for your foster GU and Danny Farmer auto? LMK if that would work. The Barry is $12, the Starks is $15. Foster is $12, and I'm guessing farmer's probably about the same. Or if the farmer is higher than I thought, I'd be willing to take the jammer auto (or possibly the triple jersey w/ farmer) in it's place.
    Hidden Content
    Current Wants: 08 Elite Zoning Commission Jerseys, HOF on-card autos, Nick Foles, Juron Criner
    I am moving on May 14th. If we made a deal and you have not sent yet, contact me for my new address.

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    I dont really want to move the deshaun unless I can get a jersey from my wants for it..

    Yes I am slightly interested in the brent barry, but its a cheap autographics, I'd only give up another cheap auto for it, cheap being press pass or sage or a common low end auto, or I'd give up a g/u from my site.

    I want to get rid of football but Ill be killing myself if I give up a hot rc and a low #'d rare auto for 2 cheap autographics I can get out of packs at Target, no offense to you, they're still nice autos, but I dont want to include the foster in trade for those, only for cards I need for the foster,


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