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    Dirk Nowitzki: Anything really, mainly g/u, autos and high end rcs, only trading other base for base

    Steve Nash: Same as Dirk

    Antawn Jamison Autographs


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    i got some dirks base, still got that floor.

    im looking for leandro barbosa.

    lmk if your interested

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    The only barbosa card I have is a bowman x-fractor #/150 and its in my personal collection, im only trading it for say a patch or auto of my wants or something nice....

    What other players do you collect? LMK!

    btw I only do base for base, and for a game floor itll be hard even to get a jersey but ill take a shot,


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    03-04 SP Game Used Significance Antawn Jamison /100 BV$40

    need the penny auto(BV$40)

    let me know if that would work

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    Sorry I kinda want to hold on to the penny, I may ebay it, I know its an even deal but penny sells MUCH MUCH better than jamison, LMK if anything else interests you,

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    I have a Antawn Jamison Sp Authentic Sign of the Times Auto.

    I like these from your tradelist:
    -03/04 Showcase "Sweet Sigs" Mickael Pietrus RC Autograph #772/800
    -02/03 Sweet Shot "Signature Shots" DeShawn Stevenson Autograph

    LMK thanks, Matt

    or email me at

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    didnt see anything else for now, let me kow if you get something new in

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    Bigtimecollector 1, what year is the Antawn I may have it?

    What year does it say on the back of the card? its hard to differentiate years..

    Bddr: thanks for the offer I will let you know if I get anything comparable in,


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