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Thread: WTS 500 card team lots

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    WTS 500 card team lots

    Hi. I am looking to sell 500 card team lots. These lots will consist of mostly base cards, with some inserts, parallels, and rookies depending on what I have for that team.

    I already have 500 cards of each of the following teams ready:


    The years will range from 95ish-2004. I will give you a better description upon collecting 500 cards of your team.

    The teams that I cannot do 500 cards of are Marlins, Mets, Cardinals, DBacks, and Yankees. I may be able to do smaller lots for these teams.

    The cost for a 500 card team lot is $20 shipped Priority Mail in a card box.
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    I am completely out of Cardinals cards. Most other teams still available. LMK what team you want.

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    I still have tons of cards that I would like to move. This is the last time I am bumping this thread.

    LMK what team you like. Thanks.

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