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Thread: 97-98 Showcase Legacys

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    Talking 97-98 Showcase Legacys

    hey, Im kinda new to this forum thing. I joined it in order to complete a task of mine. A complete 1997-98 Flair Showcase Legacy Collection set. I know what you all are thinking...this guy is nuts??!!?? In fact, I am not nuts...but its a great hobby/interest I decided to take on the year of the sets release. I just got back into it recently so any help would be really appreciated. If anyone has any legacys from that set please let me know. I would be willing to buy and/or trade for these cards. thanks a bunch!

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    hm 97-98....i know i have a 98-99 Ray Allen legacy, ill have to dig to see if i have any 97-98s


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    i made this post a while ago. someone emailed me regarding 4 legacys they had. aol deleted the email and I was hoping the person who sent me the email looks at this and could email me again. the legacys were

    scottie pippen
    keith Van Horn
    Ron Mercer
    and I think Antonio Daniels

    thanks !!

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