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    im new.. here are some cards im selling

    ok i have 9 cards here 5 are football 4 are baseball. I am really new to this and am not sure how much they are worth. The first is a 73 or 72 roger staubach card wit the number 500 in the corner. below that is a charlie garner 94 classic rookie card with R3 in the corner. next to that is a lou gehrig and cal ripken iron man card. This is before cal broke his record. im guessing 94 or 95. Below those two are 3 baseball cards. from the left is a Reggie Sanders rookie card (score) with 829 in the bottom corner (92) then there is a Michael Jordan Barons card (94/95) then a Satchel Paige card (91). The 3 below those are all Dallas Cowboys from the left is Tony Dorsett (Topps 1982) with the number 311 in the top right corner. then Herschel Walker (Topps 1987) number 264 top right corner. Last but not least is a Tom Landry (Score 1989) number 330 on the bottom middle.

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    ok another pics bottom 6

    heres a closer pic of the bottom six. BTW even if you are not interested in buying, can you at least tell me about what they are worth. thanks. also what is this at the bottom that says "card cash?"

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    First, welcome! :)

    OK, now to the questions you ask-

    The cards you have scanned are really not worth a whole lot, and with the conditions (I notice most of the corners are rounded) and the Staubach is way off center, you are probably not going to have anyone interested in buying them :(

    Card Cash is something you can use to bet on games with, buy cards with from other members or the SCF store.

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