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Thread: 2001 Bowman GOld Pujols RC

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    2001 Bowman GOld Pujols RC

    I need this card, anyone have one for trade???

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I do have one..but it might be impossible to get from me..but throw me a offer, you never know

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    why dont you tell me what you are looking for, anything in particular? its too tought without having any idea what you want.

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    I would probably only take a nice Prior for it...I cant really give you a list cuz besides Prior, I really dont collect one imparticular player

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    ok, well i dont have any prior except small $ stuff unfortunately

    i would offer other stuff but my collection is endless so i wouldnt know where to start and people get so easily offended it makes it even harder

    if you want check out my site i have my autos and game used and serial #'d and stuff listed there plsu all the big stars i have all the cards i have of theirs listed

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    Thanks for the offer, but I didnt see anything at this time...hey, very nice organized website!...also you have Edgar Martinez under your retired list...Did he retire?

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    well i guess i never moved him back, word was last year he was retiring

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