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Thread: Trade list w/h new listings

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    Trade list w/h new listings

    Check out my site!
    I've added more GU,Autos & Refractors plus added another sport to the site so,check it out and see if ya need/want any of them!Thanks for looking...

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    96 Bowman Best Preview-#BBP2,6,9(A.Jones is that his rc and whats bv

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    hugs- it's been awhile since we trade. I am interested in the Vidro and Bradley Autos and the Killebrew Game Used. Do you have any interest in a 96 Leaf Gold Press Proof of Ripken?
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    mrmet2004 - 95 is A. Jones RC and the Refractor books for $8.00

    DMILES - I will trade autos for GU depending on who & what!

    JFried1029 - I might be interested.Do you have a pic?

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    Could use these:

    Barry Larkin-87 Donruss, Topps
    02 Fleer Greats Dueling Duos JerseySparky Anderson (In a Reds Uni??)
    02 UD Sweetspot Bat Griffey Sr
    03 Flair Power Tool Bat Kearns
    03 UD Patch Collection #132(Adam Dunn

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    fairbc - Sparky is in Reds uniform.
    I like these:
    1)2003 SPX Roger Clemens Winning Material Jsy (Stripe)/Yankee Logo 160/375 BV $25

    2)2002 Fleer TraditionThis Day In History Greg Maddux jersey BV $15
    Plus any $6 Jeter card to make it even.LMK?

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    So your wanting the Clemens, Maddux and A Jeter?

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    Alex Rodriguez/Sammy Sosa 2002 Upper Deck Combo Memorabilia #J-RS
    Hideo Nomo 2002 Upper Deck Global Swatch Game Jersey
    DeShawn Stevenson 2000-01 Fleer Genuine Coverage Mostalgic jersey
    Corey Maggette 2000-01 Upper Deck Encore NBA Warm-ups

    Are you interested in these GU?

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    fairbc - The cards you want books at $46 and the 2 cards i picked on your site books at $40 so,i need another $6 to make it even.

    DMILES - I'm interested in the Alex Rodriguez/Sammy Sosa 2002 Upper Deck Combo Memorabilia #J-RS

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