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Thread: Who is the best NL SS

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    Who is the best NL SS

    Who is the best NL SS right now?

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    I would like to say Reyes but hes isnt an established ML yet hes just filling in for Sanchez.... doing a gret job defensively, reminds me of the Rey Ordonez days.... let him go back to the Minors and work on is hitting a littel more... then we'll see next year possibly. I voted for Furcal.

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    they was a nice slam he had yesterday though.

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    I hate the Braves but I'd say Furcal is the best NL SS.

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    Originally posted by cbethun1
    they was a nice slam he had yesterday though.
    Unfortunately I had to work and missed the game so I had to catch the highlights on Sports center. That was awesome. Any time the Mets win this season is a good thng. Are they finally coming around? I hope so...

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    IGGY---the braves are America's can't hate them! lol

    I hope the mets are coming around too because those 99-00 seasons were awesome watching those two teams battle it out. I especially liked when Chipper single handedly eliminated the mets hope of winning the division in 99'!!!! lol

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    Edgar Renteria by far, he blows Furcal out of the water. Not only is Renteria a great defensive SS, but he's also a very productive bat in the powerful Cardinal lineup. He's a Gold Glove canidate, and he's usually hitting above .300 and leading NL ss's in RBI's.

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    Furcal sets the table for sheff, lopez and the jones'

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    No in 99 it was Kenny Rogers fault they didnt make it to the WS he choked walked in the winning run with the bases loaded.....LOL yes 99-00 were awesome seasons between the Mets and Braves.

  10. #10 was A.Jones he walked. I remember it perfectly....How about when Rocker was knocked out of the game and he pointed out to the met fans at shea that the braves were up 3-0. I don't really like rocker that much, although he was fun to watch, that was pretty funny.

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