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Thread: want to buy your player lots

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    want to buy your player lots

    i need some player lots and i am looking to buy some for rpetty cheap... lmk what you have... any star/semi star will do

    really looking for former Indiana U. players or lamar odom

    also would like pacer players expecially al harrington, jermaine o'neal, and jonathon bender

    not really looking for higher end stuff unless you will let it go for cheap.. just looking for base and maybe cheap inserts

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    check my site and lmk i will sell cheaper if you buy a tun lmk thanks also give me the price you want for them thanks

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    need these

    lamar odom
    03-04 topps 204
    00-01 upper deck live action la2
    00-01 stadium club 11

    al harrington
    00-01 fleer futures 184
    99-00 impact 142

    jermaine o'neal
    03-04 upper deck 103
    03-04 topps chrome 7
    02-03 fleer platinum 53
    02-03 fleer tradition soaring stars 232
    01-02 upper deck 63

    03-04 victory maciej lampe 130
    03-04 victory Chris Kaman 106

    i am not sure on bv of all these but would 70 CC sound fair.. lmk thanks

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    i dont get what you are saying... pm me with what it means... if you are saying you want a ton more CC than that we dont need to discuss it as the cards i want are not high dollar cards... i would possibly go up to 90 CC but not any higher than that... victory rookies arent axactly hot items and the rest of the cards are base

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    100cc = 1.00 the kaman itself books more than a buck so 70cc is not that fair

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    100 cc per dollar bv? i was thinking more like 10 CC per $1 bv

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    wow... show me some of those people... i have a lot of cards to sell them... i dont have that much cc

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    Not to butt in, but I've never seen people buy cards with cc at 100 cc = $1. I've seen people buy cc using 100cc = $1. But they are deveanpot1's cards, so he can do whatever he'd like with them.

    Anybody buying cards at 100cc = $1, feel free to pm me.

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