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Thread: Sweet Hatcher Card

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    Sweet Hatcher Card

    Anyone have any interest in a Derian Hatcher "Fabric of Champions" Topps Stadium Club FC-2. It may be one of the last cards with him wearing the Stars jersey. :explode:

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    i will be interested if the Stars resign him because i am a stars fan

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    I am a BIG Stars fan and a huge Hatcher fan I too hope they resign him but right now it isnt looking good. I think he is headed home to Detroit, the dreaded red & white.

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    Finally, the Hatch has some back to......Hockeytown.

    in my best sinister evil laugh hahahahaha

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    this reminds me of how much i cannot wait until the strike after next season. if the NHL does a good job of some sort of salary cap or revenue sharing (a better job than baseball), then we wont have teams like the rangers and the red wings buying all these players.

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    I'll be more interested after he sign with the Leafs hehe

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