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    Basketball GU and autos for sale

    I have accumulated too many of these to keep in the dorm. I'm selling them for $3 each ($1 addition shipping each). Most are certified autos (no press pass or sage crap) or autographed GU or dual/tripe GU with a few single GU. I'll throw in 2 baseball cards for free with each GU/auto purchased. Don't care to list the cards.

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    So are they like grab bags since your not going to post the cards?


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    Yes, if you want to call them that.

    I really don't do basketball, but as a result of buying various lots or doing trades, I have accumulated around 70 basketball GU and autos. It would take me forever to figure out the years for the cards I have due to the unusual dual-year numbering for basketball cards. Most of you guys can tell simply from looking at the design of the card, but since I don't deal in basketball I have no idea. Some of the names I recognize: Paul Pierce, Corey magette, Elton Brand, Troy Murphy SPx auto RC (I'm a Warriors fan:), Karl Malone, Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, Darius Miles, SP Authentic Mike Miller auto RC #'d/500, Gilbert Arenas, Kevin Garnett, Tim Ducan, Caron Butler, David Robinson, Grant Hill, ...
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