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    I've two Delmon Young 03 cards and a Weeks, too...

    Just busted a box of T205 series 2, and I have these Delmon Young rookies for trade:
    #317 Polar Bear Exclusives BV 10.00

    #171 Sovereign Parallel BV $15!

    and this Rickie Weeks RC
    #318 Polar Bear Exclusives BV 8

    If anyone needs anything from this set, LMK.
    Looking for stuff in my sig,

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    I'd be interested. Here's a list of numbered stuff I have to trade:

    LMK and thanks,
    Wantlist and tradelist:
    Hidden Content

    Collect Albert Pujols,Mets,golf,Topps brand RCs and set wantlist on my page. Photobucket is garbage.

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    I am VERY interested in the Sovereign Delmon Young. I have the following to trade:

    2003 Bowman's Best Rajai Davis GU BAT RC
    1999 Bowman Chrome Kip Wells RC
    2002 Bowman Heritage Josh Bonifay RC
    2003 Topps Chrome Bryan Bullington RC
    2003 Topps Chrome Scott Tyler RC
    and plenty of #ed stuff on my site.

    Please let me know if anything interests you. Thanks. Michael

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    hi i am interested in the sovereign young too please let me know what you collect i have a select rookies and prospect auto of wilson guzman and lots of #d stuff

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    Im interested in this:

    #171 Sovereign Parallel BV $15!

    I can offer you a 2002 Leaf "Rookies and Stars" Kip Wells Auto for it.


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    DTrain--do you have any #d cards that you can trade?

    ugi802004-unless you would trade Adam Piatt -2001- Fleer Platinum National Patch Time for the weeks, do you have any #d cards for trade?

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    Moose: I can offer the Wells Auto and a 2001 Fleer Genuine "Genuine Upside" Brian Cole RC #d/1500 BV: $5.00 or if you don't want the cole I can offer a 2004 Topps Gold Ryan Madson/Elizardo Ramirez Future Stars #d/2004 BV: $3.00


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    Moose2438----sure ill deffinitly trade the piatt to you for it. Just PM me back if you deffinitly want it or not. Thanks

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