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Thread: 03 UD Mask bust

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    03 UD Mask bust

    I bought a few boxes of 02-03 ud mask collection. Here's what I've pulled:

    Box #1:

    Potential Gem Rookies:

    Thornton #118
    Sabourin #130
    Hodson #152 *not for trade
    Bouchard #160
    Morrisonn #170

    Team Saviors:

    Theodore #97 * not for trade


    Roy Super Stoppers Purple #SS-PR * not for trade
    Kolzig View from the Cage #V-OK


    Cheevers Auto Mask *not for trade

    I have a question about the auto mask. Mine is autographed in fine blue ink. I wanted to see what these were selling for on ebay and I noticed a bunch with different ink styles. One was silver, another red, another thick blue sharpie. Does anyone have any idea if any of these ink styles add value to the mask? I didn't see another one with the same ink style as mine so I have no idea.

    Box #2:

    Potential Gems Rookies:

    Veilleux #124
    Henderson #134
    Vandermeer #157
    Frolov #161 *not for trade

    Team Saviors:

    Dafoe #108
    Lalime #113


    Thornton Instant Offense #IO-JT *not for trade
    Cechmanek Behind the mask black swatch #BM-RC

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    I have one as well with blue ink. Not sure though. Hopefully they are really rare for us.

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    is it fine blue ink and a small autograph or thick blue ink and a large auto?

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    mine is fine blue and really small :) lol i bet her made all of em different.

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