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    Couple of Nice autos to trade...

    Looking to get 1 high end auto in return for these two...

    03 Fleer hot prospects Mark Prior Auto #d/400 BV $60
    04 Diamond Kings Recollection Collection Gary Sheffield Auto #d/25

    Not looking to trade for 2 or 3 autos, just looking for 1 high end auto in baseball. Only current players please.

    LMK if you are interested.

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    Interested in this?

    03 UD Game Face Jason Giambi Auto BV $100

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    ryanfan: Only looking for current players as I stated in my first thread.

    AC: Not a real big Giambi fan. Anything else you'd be willing to trade?

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    Hmmm, depends what you want. My PC stuff is probably staying put though. See anything else you'd want?

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    The only other autos I saw were in your PC.

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    Im interested in the prior, please check my site and LMK if theres anything you like.

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    bosox...I saw a few autos that book more than the Prior...Were you interested in anything else from my site to maybe even it out.

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