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    card show pickups with updated tradelist

    I sold my carmello gu for $20.
    I bought:
    2003 bowman chrome draft Matt Murton rc auto (not for trade)

    2003 bowman chrome draft Jay Sborz rc auto (not for trade)

    2003 bowman chrome draft Eric Duncan rc auto(not for trade)

    2003 bowman chrome draft Ryan Wagner rc auto (not for trade)
    Paid 80 all together for these.

    2004 playoff prestige ryan howard auto
    got this for $5

    2001 bowman draft picks Bobby Crosby
    got this for $7

    9 03 bdp i needed for my set

    I need
    these bdp autos:
    lubanski, wood, markais, and billingsley

    I need these 03 bdp base:
    1, 5, 8, 10, 14 , 16, 19,20,25,27,32,42, 44,47,51,59,61, 63,68,71, 84, 88, 92

    I also need:
    pujols rcs and autos, mauer rcs gu, and autos, weeks rcs,gu and autos, greg miller, multi color patches, and hot selling cards.

    Take a look at my site and see if you need anything, the bdp autos aren't for trade because i am going for the set/

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    Are there two Greg Miller's? I have a 01 Donruss Class of '01 Greg Miller RC/625 but he's in an Astros Uniform.

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    yeah, theres two, i am looking for the ones on the dodgers. He has a 02 bdp auto, prospect permires gu and i think an auto, and a 02 topps draft picks card

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