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    Anyone looking to buy these sets:

    02-03 Upper Deck Series 1 (no sps)
    02-03 UD Piece Of History (w/o Card #50 - elias)
    02-03 McDonalds
    02-03 McDonalds Checklists
    01-02 Topps Heritage (no sps)
    01-02 UD Challenge For The Cup
    01-02 Pacific Heads Up
    96-97 UD Choice Preview

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    i may be interested in 01-02 UD Challenge For The Cup and
    01-02 Pacific Heads Up

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    BV CFTC $40 sell $15
    BV Heads Up $80 sell $30

    if u want to trade lemme know or if u want a combo of cash/trade

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    combo/trade for all sounds great. how many cards are in the set? i sent you my website through e-maillike 5 mins ago. i am also interested in a few of your dallas stars cards.

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    whats up. I was wondering how much you are selling each set you listed. I might want one(the cheapest probley, lol). thanks

    paul forward

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