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Thread: What RC should I buy?

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    What RC should I buy?

    I have some money and im considering buying a very good RC.
    I have a Lemieux OPC RC, but im about to sell it since its in vg-ex condition. So i need some help, which card should I buy?

    Lemieux 86 OPC RC BV $200
    Montana 81 Topps RC BV $175
    M.Schimdt 73 Topps RC BV$150
    S. Carlton 65 Topps RC BV $150
    A. Rod 94 SP RC $125
    V. Guererro 95 B.Best RC $80
    P.Roy OPC RC $150(i think)

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    i would go with the arod it is only going to keep going up

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    get the arod, but study it real close to see if its gradable.......check the corners with a magnifying glass

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