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    Arrow 2003 Leaf Certified Mark Teixeira auto 01/15.......

    Please Make Some Offers!!!!!!!!!!

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    check out my site and lmk if i have anything you coudl use for it

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    any interest in a 2002 Bowman Heritage Mauer auto?


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    i didnt see anything i can use akoch.........

    jbman - i may be able to use that...but i have been getting some pretty sweet offers so i wouldnt just trade straight up for the mauer

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    I think ACBaseball collects Teixeira...he might be interested.

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    Thanks Cubsfan, I would be interested but I'm not about to part with PC autos of Arod, Jeter, Nomar, Bonds, Pujols, or Clemens. If you see something on my tradelist, LMK.

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    ttt, no1 needs this card???

    aug plmk on the kerry wood

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