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Thread: Suggested BV of this card.....

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    Suggested BV of this card.....

    It's not listed due to scarcity.It is a : 2002 Press Pass JE - Name Edition - William Green - (2 Clr = Reddish + White) - #ed 15/25

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    Its hard to guage a price on cards numbered below 25 and since I cant seem to find any info on this card Id guess somewhere around $25 to $50 maybe a little more for a diehard Green fan. Press Pass usually sells alot lower than a similar NFL issue. Keep in mind Im no expert and this is just my opinion.

    BTW with a nick like MetalRaidersMaster I was curious do you collect/play Yu-Gi-Oh?

    Anyway hope this helps,

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    Thanks for the help guys!!! I collect Yu-gi-oh on and off but currently I have no cards because I was offered $400 for all of them and I accepted it but I might start collecting again soon.

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    I would say $40-$50 for the Green. I think interest died when he went through all that mess at the end of the season, but you should have no trouble getting that from a Browns fan or BC fan :)

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    how much is a 2002 presspass je dishaun foster worth #22of25

    anyone know

    thanks in advance

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    I would just like to say that the press pass and sage jerseys of lower numbers carry a fair price on ebay.. a david carr #/10 3 clr sold for right around 100 bucks if i remember correctly.

    thanks for reading

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