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    does anyone collect/trade team issued items-postcards/pocket scheds?

    I would be interested in talking trade for these types of items. I love to collect them.

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    I have a few of the Cubs from the lastfew years. If we work a trade for my Flyers cards, I'll throw A few in. May even have Blackhawks and some others.

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    I have a Gary railcats independent league pocket schedule, this the first season playing at their home ball park...the mgr is gary templeton...

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    ct hockey sked
    Hi i collect hockey skeds

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    I have some Baseball and hockey from between 1992 and 2003

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    Is that like the stuff you get when you send for a fan pack?
    If so I have some of that stuff.

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    I have Texas Rangers for several years.
    Scheds, Media Guides, postcard size team cards, cups.

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    I have a few Yankee Pocket Schedules from the mid 80's.

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    I have some Edmonton Oilers schedules as well as some Oilers and Thrashers team postcards..if ur interested PM me

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    I have pocket schedueles, photos, postcards, and team sets. Have so players cards who are now in the majors.

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