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    could someone w/ new BSK Beckett help me?! what is BV of C.Bosh 03-04 Skyb.LE Photogr

    Please , anyone with the new Basketball Beckett Magazine, what is high BV of Chris Bosh 2003-04 Skybox LE Photographer AUTOGRAPH #d/25 ?? the info would be greatly appreciated..

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    welcome to our board

    I am moving this post to Basketball Forum section..this is more appropriate than being in chit chat forum


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    I tried online price guide it says N/A. Sorry

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    The 03-04 Chris Bosh Skybox LE (Photographers Proof) #'d25 Not Priced due to Scarcity ....

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    I heard the auto on it is of the Photographer, not Chris Bosh

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    cardbuyer66-Your right it is the Artists AUTO not Boshs'
    Cards of this quality have been selling on Ebay between the $10 and $20 range. Beckett never/rarely prices cards #25 or less

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    While the post is here, could someone check to see if 2003-2004 Upper Deck NBA Triple Dimension is in there.

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