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    Looking for all Dan Dickau cards!

    Hey everyone, I'm just getting into collecting basketball, and what better way to start out then to collect my all time favorite college player :) My want list is large, because at the moment, I have 2 cards hehe. Please post what you have, and what you want for them. thanks a bunch!

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    I have a

    02-03 Dan Dickau UD Glass Rookie #303/900 BV is $10

    Would you like to trade for it? I collect Ginobili's. If not I will sell it (paypal) for $8 delivered.


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    have any gu if not if your intersed i'll sell one of mine to you for CHEAP like 2$$ plmk thanks

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    Don, thanks for the offer, but I was looking for a bit cheaper.

    stalking_WOLF- I don't have any basketball for trade at the moment. Which card did you have for trade/sell? get back to me, thanks!

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    MORRIS PETERSON 02/03 fleer ultra ''o'' jerseys
    need this plmk thanks

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    2002-2003 VERY RARE FLEER TRADITION ROOKIE TRIO PARALLEL DICKAU/Mason/Yarbrough Serial #162/199 (plus I will throw in 2 or 3 cards from this year)
    $2 DLVD

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    wolf- oh, sorry, only need GU of dickau at the moment :)

    mfweiland- you take paypal? a few extras would be awesome of you, I need all I can get, lol. :)

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    Erlantzete- got that one, thanks though!

    anyone else? trying to get one of every card of his! (have about 160 left to go, lol!)

    Anyone with 3-10 cards (even if commons) I'd be highly interested. thanks!

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    i got a dickau 02-03 topps jersey edition copper #d/299 bv18.

    lmk if you need it

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