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Thread: Anyone want to trade?

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    Anyone want to trade?

    Take a look at my site, and let me know. My bdp autos aren't for trade because i am going for the set. Everything else is tradeable.

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    I have some Prior and Pujols base cards and inserts for trade.

    I'd be looking for Bonds, Griffey, Jeter, McGwire, A-Rod, and Sosa cards in return.

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    not really looking to do those kinds of trade. I want rcs, autos, and gu, also i have to pm you, i am pm you now.

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    i need the zito auto if i have anything you need

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    Was looking at the following:
    2004 Diamond Kings Diamond Cut Collection Rocco Baldelli (grey)
    and possible something may interest you to let this one go:
    2003 bowman chrome draft Delmon Young rc auto (not for trade)
    View my site and let me know whatcha think.
    Don't ask me for a gift and I will buy your card. I ask for payments, not gifts ... NO PAYPAL GIFT FROM ME
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    bdrr- the zito is pending

    SparkyzSportz- like i said before the bdp autos aren't for trade because i am going for the set, and i didn't see anything i could use for the baldelli

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