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Thread: Game Used and Autos for trade

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    Game Used and Autos for trade

    The following are all for trade for Marty Turco cards, or possibly ther game used and autos.

    Game Used Memorabilia

    2002-2003 PS Reserve Dany Heatley #102 (Ser. /975) bv $30

    2001-2002 SP Game Used Authentic Fabric Petr Bondra AF-PB (Gold Ser. /300) bv $30

    2001-2002 Vangurd Pierre Turgeon/ Vincent Lecavalier #30 (Lecavalier-2 colors) bv $23

    2001-2002 PS Draft Day Oleg Tverdovsky #3 bv $8

    2001-2002 PS Draft Day Sergei Zubov #36 bv $8

    Certified Autographs

    2001-2002 BAP Signature Series Markus Naslund #80 bv $15

    2001-2002 BAP Signature Series Mark Bell #230 (Gold) bv $8

    2001-2002 UD Ice Clear Cut Autographs Petr Sykora PS bv $30


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    Is the Heatley card a jersey card? I do not have any Turco cards, but would really be interested in this Heatley card.

    I have a lot of other cards for trade at:

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    Yes, the heatley is a jersey, offer something in trade for it because I have two other people interested in it.


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    Intrested in the Heatly and the bondra GU???tell me what else your intrested in .....Misty

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    i am interested in the zubov jersey card. are you interested in anything besides turoc cards? thanks!

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    Interested in the autographs over here. I have a Marty Turco rookie Pacific Royal Crown from the Toronto Spring Expo 2001 stamped out of 499

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    I want 2002-2003 PS Reserve Dany Heatley #102 (Ser. /975) bv $30

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    I will take game used and autos of vintage goalies, ex. Plante, Hall, Sawchuck, etc.

    i will take the best offer for the Heatley jersey because several people are interested in it.

    i will trade the bondra jersey for most jeseys/ autos of the same value

    i am not really interested in the turco expo card, i just want all of his "regular" cards, although tell me which auto u want specifically, and i might trade

    post your tradelists so i can see if there is anything other than Turco that i am interested in.

    thanks and PLMK

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    Interested in this:

    2002-2003 PS Reserve Dany Heatley #102 (Ser. /975) bv $30

    I don't really have any Turco cards of value are you looking for something else? I might be able to dig up a few commons but that's it... Please email me at

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    - you're one of 5 or 6 who wants this card, i will think about what i want other than turco's

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