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Thread: why do people do this

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    why do people do this

    I was just wondering why go out and buy a couple boxes for instance of 2003 topps and they have the complete factory set you can get for around 75-80 bucks and it has both series plus 5 first year cards you can't get in the box, I know they go tthe chase cards in the boxes but I am talking about people who simply want to put the set together...

    I saw a guy do this in the hobby shop last night and the owner was saying why don't you just buy the factory set and he was like now I would rather spend $150 on the 3 boxes, I jsut thought that was a total waste of money...JMO

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    The only reason I see why is that the people like the thrill of putting together the same themself.

    Its not really fun to buy a complete factory set. Cause there is no thrill and challange to it.

    That is the only explaination I can come up with.
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    There may be so people out there that are just stupid, but I do it for the reason Pwaldo gave. There is no fun in buying the whole set.

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    Yeah it may take more money but after trying to get that one last card you need and finally getting it makes it more special.

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    It is more fun having the challenge of putting a set together instead of going out and buying it. Plus you have a shot at some inserts, game-used and autos. In Topps 2003, I pulled a Pujols auto and a Palmeiro bat. I was very happy about those pulls.
    Palmeiro mainly because he is my second fav. player.

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    rioght but this guy is a set collector, and hell if you like busting packs which I like to do you buy the set and then get a few packs to go alone with to satisfy your thrist.

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    Folks like the surprise of pulling out valuable cards.

    In a factory set, you only get that one Barry Bonds RC.

    but in a wax box, who knows how many you may end up with (assuming the corrupt dealers haven't opened it, pulled out the Bonds, and re-sealed it)

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    yeah the chase and opening is the best part, but the end product value doesnt always reflect what you spend. for me, i chalk it up to being half the fun buying, opening and being suprised. but as we all know, it doesnt always work that way.

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    I like putting insert sets together and the best way to start is with packs and then trade/buy the rest....

    But I can see gi's point as well... if youwant the base set, why not just buy and save yourself the money and trouble....
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    Yea opening packs is definitely the best part of collecting i guess so purchasing a full set just ruins it.

    what is that proverb thing like the tougher the hunt the sweeter the catch i don't know exactly but cards are that way to

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