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    FT.......Amare Stoudemire- 2002 Sage authentic autograph #d - 127/370

    hey i just traded way to much for this card and im looking to trade it again. Just give me some tradelist or if you happen to have any vick. Mainly looking for rookies

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    Take a look at my site and if anything interests you PM me,

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    paul-i like your graded basketball cards but i dont know any of their book values so and i like the fred jones auto rookie ....still looking
    stalkingwolf-just the lebron
    jtgolf-joe dimaggio pants,alfonzo soriano jersey, jeter jersey

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    lol sorry i forgot you....not 100% sure but the guy i got it from had it at 35

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    fairbc- i like the carson palmer jerseys and the byron leftwich on the misc football section, willey mccovey and satchel paige patches,tim duncan shining stars silver jersey, reply back if you like any of those in particular and dont want to trade them. im still not sure which ones of those i want

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