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Thread: Roy Williams RC Jersey /25

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    Roy Williams the Safety RC Jersey /25

    Out if Playoff. Real nice looking, no asking price, just looking for offers. Scans available

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    2002 bowman chrome gold rc refractor bv 100 portis


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    I wasnt asking for a scan of the Portis i was asking or the Williams, and i dont have the williams thats JonoBono, so idk why you were IMing me asking me for a scan of it, when its not mine.

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    I haven't IMed anyone, and i need some email addresses. The card is a beauty. I'd think about the Portis, him being traded to the Redskins and all sure has made his stock with me drop, but even so, it is a nice card.

    I'd also like to say that the card i have is $25 base jersey rookie. #/100 would be $75. Mine is #/25 and would obviously be more.

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