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    Post Chargers, Giants discuss trade for top Draft pick

    Chargers, Giants discuss trade for top pick wire reports

    SAN DIEGO (April 7, 2004) -- The New York Giants, known to covet Mississippi quarterback Eli Manning, have spoken with the San Diego Chargers about obtaining the first pick in the 2004 NFL Draft, which will be held April 24-25.

    Chargers general manager A.J. Smith confirmed he got a call from Giants GM Ernie Accorsi on April 6.

    "They would like to move from four to one," Smith said.

    Smith wouldn't discuss specifics.

    "Anything we discuss is football business between the two of us," Smith said.

    San Diego was 4-12 last year, the same record as Oakland, Arizona and the Giants. But the Chargers got the No. 1 draft pick based on strength of schedule.

    The Chargers worked out Manning and the other two highly regarded quarterbacks in the draft, Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers.

    But trading down and acquiring additional picks would allow San Diego to address its many other needs. The Chargers don't have a left tackle or a standout wide receiver or defensive end.

    The Chargers also had the No. 1 pick three years ago and traded it to Atlanta the day before the draft. Atlanta got Michael Vick, while San Diego took LaDainian Tomlinson at No. 5. The Chargers also got receiver-returner Tim Dwight and two other picks.

    Also, Pittsburgh's Larry Fitzgerald, one of the top receivers in the draft, visited the Chargers.

    "This was kind of like a recruiting visit today," said Fitzgerald, who met with coach Marty Schottenheimer and receivers coach James Lofton. "It's fun. I got to out and have lunch with coach Lofton, somebody I looked up to as a child."

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    yea, and if san diego passes this up again, who knows. the last time they lost #1 mike vick was drafted

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    That's extremely surprising on the Giants part. Robert Gallery is a terrific OL prospect and would be the perfect fit for them. I guess Coughlin has no faith in Kerry Collins to get the job done. San Diego could really make out well in this if they can get the 4th pick and Kerry Collins. It gives them a capable NFL starter and likely Mike Williams.

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    If I were the Chargers, I'd trade the #1 pick, get as many picks as possible to make the team stronger

    Marino never won a championship
    Elway didn't win until he got a better defense and Terrell Davis
    Peyton Manning hasn't won a championship; as a matter of fact, he finally won his first playoff series this year.

    Tom Brady's won 2 titles (and I think he was a 3rd round or later pick)
    Kurt Warner won a title, and he spent most of his years outside of the NFL
    That QB of Tampa Bay just won a title 2 years ago.

    Football is the ultimate team game. You can be like Dan Marino and rack up stats and score 25-30 points a game....but if you've got a sh*tty defense, you're not holding the Super Bowl trophy.

    So, if I were the Chargers, I'd stick with Brees, surround him with better offensive linemen to go with Tomlinson, and add more defensive players.

    I guarantee you that Eli Manning, with that same OL the Chargers had last year, would be spending much of his time on his ™™™™™. You can't be a successful QB if you take 2 steps after the snap and get sacked.

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