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Thread: Chambers? Carr? sale

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    Chambers? Carr? sale

    hello, have the following cards for sale...
    Chris Chambers:
    2001 Fleer Authroity Auto-$25
    2002 SPx Supreme Signature Auto-$25
    2001 SPx Winning Materials /500-$45
    David Carr:
    2003 UpperDeck Finite Gold Auto 23/25-N/A
    I will sell the Carr for $39 if you get a hold of me before 11:30 (westcoast)
    I will sell the Chambers for $37 or you can make a seperate offer.
    to get ahold of me easier,
    my aim is: hoopballertk


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    2001 SPx Winning Materials /500-$45

    Thats the BV not what your selling right????the $45

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