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    Wal-Mart Pack break. 1 Pack, tell me what ya think.

    2003 Topps Chrome series 2

    #315 Jason Tyner
    #359 Dave Roberts
    #242 Desi Relaford
    #424 Evel Batida-Martinez Draft Pick (Mariners)

    and this card of some guy with a wierd name of Chipper.

    Actually it is a Chipper GU jersey card.
    It is the red back refractor and is NICE!!! The grey jersey sets of nicely with the refractor and all.

    No Yankees tho, but I guess for a $3 investment in the pack I cannot complain.:D

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    I just felt lcky today when I was there so I got a few packs of cards.
    This was the only Chrome I got tho. I got 4 packs of Bowman's Best too but nothing too spectacular.

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    Originally posted by stkmtimo
    Retail packs pay off a lot more than people think! Nice pulls.

    I always do better out of Retail packs and boxes.
    I got an Ichiro UD series 1 Patch Numbers Exclusives card from my Wal-Mart for $6. I got 2 packs. There are only 63 of them made. It was like 5 or 6 colors.

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    Damn! Nice pull! What's BV? I got a 2002 Bowman Kurt Kittner Fabric of the Future jersey (football) and a Sammy Sosa/Luis Gonzalez dual bat card.


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    No idea of a value yet.
    They just got the box today and I am guessing series 2 is a new release.

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    nice going on that Chipper pull

    I don't buy packs from Walmart often; prefer to buy it in entire box;

    but sometimes, like you, I just can't resist


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    best place i ever got a great deal was at Electronics boutique... i got some UD 2002 football... for 2 bucks apiece... i dint pull ne thing that spectacular.. my best card was a warren sapp inser it was liek best blitz or something... but i think UD 2002 has some good jerseys and such.. not sure htough

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    The only reason I got packs is because they just opened them and nobody had a chance to search them. That is the only time I buy packs.

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