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    wow!!!zito and blalock autos for only $2

    i bought 4 of the blalocks and 2 of the zitos...but now they are gone...he had like 60 of them each...they prolly only book 25-30 but im shure i could get something for one of them thats better then 2 dollars.....soory about the links, i dont know how to shorten them:

    heres the zito-

    heres the blalock-

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    so whut do u guys think of my buys? i have 3 of the blalocks for trade and 1 of the zitos.

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    The Problem is that the cards you bought are from basically the same level of company as Royal Rookies, they're probably only worth 10-15 if lucky, but for a personal collection, not bad.

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    yea, but i figure if a could get $90 worth of autos, (saying that they are worth 15 a peice which may be a understatement,) for 14 dollars is pretty good, im shure someone wouldnt mind swaping a 20 dollar auto for one....

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