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Thread: athletes signing for auctions

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    athletes signing for auctions

    My school is having an auction for my senior class trip. Does anyone know what athletes, retired or current, would sign something or send something for this auction? I saw on either this site or another that someone sent $25 to the Mike Mussina foundation and got a signed 08 jersey with all of the patches on it from him. Any players accept money for such a donation? Thanks to anyone who could help with this!
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    sorry, but i can't send outside of the US
    Please respond to PMs or posts. If it books for less than $5, I don't care about BV.

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    I would drop emails asking for 8x10s from the basketball and football coaches at Illinois as they are local for you and have great track record of sending free autos. Uotside of that best advice is to check the success sections and mail something out with a letter of request and self addressed stamped envelope. Hope that helps.
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    The Mussina jersey was not sent by Moose it was sent by that person along with a sharpie, $25 and then he signed it.

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    Dr. Mike Marshall will sign for a one time low fee...........j/k

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    I bet Pat Neshek would help you out. Look on his forum he is on there alot.
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