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    Everything on my site for sale!

    Everything on my site is for sale except for the cards that have a * next to them. Take a look at my site and tell me if you see anything that interests you and then give me a price!



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    TTT, even if card has * next to it, I might still sell it if its a good offer!


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    Joey Harrington 2002 Pacific Private Stock Retail
    Joey Harrington 2002 Pacific Atomic Die Cut
    "Joey Harrington 2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars ""Action Packed"" #379/500"
    Barry Sanders 1989 Score *
    Barry Sanders 1989 Proset

    how much seperately and all together?


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    Clinton Portis 2002 Pacific Private Stock Class Act *


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    Joey Harrington 2002 Private Stock- $4
    Joey Harrington 2002 Pacific Atomic- $12
    Joey Harrington 2002 Leaf R&S Silver /500- $7
    or $20 for all 3 delivered
    The Barry Sanders cards Im going to hold onto to for now!

    Portis Class Act- $4 delivered

    Thanks and LMK,

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    "Sammy Sosa/ Ken Griffey Jr. 2001 Upper Deck ""Souvenirs"""

    How much for this?

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    Faribc, I didn't put a * next to that because I will sell it, but I think I would want a little to much for what you guys think I should sell it for. I'd want around $25-$30 or so.

    Oh well, thanks for showing interest!!:)


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