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    Sent first baseball ttm to be signed today!

    today i sent my first baseball to be signed!
    I sent the baseball to bobby shantz because i know he is a ttm reliable ttm signer...i have had many successes with him!
    I sent it to his home addy:

    152 east mount pleasant ave. Ambler, pa (zip code)

    this address work all the time!

    He is like a 99.9% success rate (laughs)

    wish me luck!

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    Are you even a fan of him or just out to get autographs of misc. people?

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    for your info. I am a fan of bobby shantz...i have sent questionnaires to him and he has answered them i have also sent him index cards, etc. He happens to be a very nice why don't you stop posting these kinds of comments on my threads..............

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    Arnie- he kind of has a point don't judge someone like that
    ttmautographs4me- dont post a lot of threads next time it just clogs up the message board, and please don't write so big next time ^^

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    Good luck. Got Bobby Shantz on OMLB in 17 days with the inscription. Also sent back my letter with "Best Wishes, Bobby Shantz" written in Sharpie. Kind of a twofer.


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