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    Question i have a idea thats sorta like the pack sell

    ok heres my idea. my dad has his own card buisness and gets like every box. i see that iggy is having that pack thing. well i was thinking of having the same thing but instead have it with boxes instead. the first box that i put up would be 2003 fleer box score baseball hobby box. i have 8 boxes up here and i would start them at $40.00 a box. just post in this thread if u would buy one and ill see what happens. o and if u dont trust me i have a ebay account that has 81 postive feedbacks and my dad has one with over 5000 postive feedbacks and only 1 negative. his sn is tlbase. he has boxes up on ebay all the time if u wanna bid on any. thanks

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    I would do it, but no money, would you trade cards for a box??


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