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    Arrow 01 UD Arod legends jersey auto!! BV$150

    I just got this 01 UD legends arod auto bv $150!! (went up in newest beckett). You all know what it looks like and if u need to find it find it on ebay as i dont have a pic at the moment..... Its mint and has a nice sig..... Looking for other high end autos in return!! Thanks again and LMK what you got.


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    I really like the arod lumber bat auto (only cause its mariners uniform).... Whats bv? LMK Thanks

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    PLMK BV's on these: Chipper jones jersey auto, clemens auto, nomar, prior autos, and jeter..... Thanks Skyler

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    extemely interested... love arod.... check the site, will trade in ur favor

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    Chipper is $80, Clemens is $200, Nomar is $120, Prior has been sold, and Jeter is $150. Also, the Clemens/Nomar are NFT.

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    marinersfan12.... im very interested... iv got autos of kaline, brock, randy johnson, culpepper, holt, and i will trad ein ur favor... pls lmk i love arod and need an auto now that hes a yankee

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    rednbrokenglass- Whats the year and brand? Mariners uni? LMK Thanks

    jason92334- might be able to use randy auto... BV? I wish we could do something but the football autos dont really apeal to me.... LMK though Thanks

    AC- IM me sometimes or ill IM you

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