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Thread: What packs to buy

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    What packs to buy

    If im just shopping at walmart, target, k mart, cvs, etc. what kinds of packs should i look to pick up for 2.99 or less? mabye some numbers....thanks

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    Same kind of stuff I buy. But I don't know. I like Topps Bazooka, but never got anything great out of it. I like to buy those $9.99 for 12 pack boxes when I find them. At one point they had 3 03-04 UD packs, like MVP<Standing O,UD (regular) plus some decent older packs. At least they stopped putting WNBA and those UD European packs in there.

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    I think you can get Chrome for 2.99 and chrome packs usually got 2 RC cards a pack

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