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    02 BAP Production Line jersey card.

    Yo Folks, I'm a newbie on the site. In fact this is my first post.

    I'm looking for an 2002 Ultimate 2 " Production Line" (Howe/Abel/Lindsay) card. The ONLY one of interest is one with the color photo and two color jersey pieces for EACH of the three guys.

    I would buy the card (if within reason on price; I buy cards frequently on eBay so have some idea of worth) or will trade one of the Production Line line cards I own plus some cash for it.

    e-mail me at:

    To the mods: I know this belongs on the b/s/t board but this is such a scarce card I want to get it out on the discussion board which generally gets more play than b/s/t. I promise not to make a habit of breaking the post rules! :D

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    wat would the print run be cuz I huard they were low and the chances of some1 having it here would be slim

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    A guy looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack has it easy by comparison, Danny! :disco:

    There were two "Production Line" jersey cards; one with b/w picture & one with color photo. Production run for each card was 20 copies.

    Odds of me stumbling onto one with color photo & 3 2-color jersey pieces approaches zero. But thought I would try.

    As it is I own three of the cards; 2 with color photo & 1 with b/w.
    Two of the three cards have two color pieces of Abel & Lindsay but, alas, the Howe piece is solid red.

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