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Thread: $500 in Paypal to spend

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    $500 in Paypal to spend

    I reently sold a few of my higher end autographs, and now I need to rebuild my tradelist.

    I'm looking to buy autographs, or perhaps quality rookie cards. BV really doesn't matter to me right now, as I'll consider purchasing a $15 card or a $150 card. I usually buy at 30-40%, depending on how well I like/need the card.

    That being said, if you have a hot rc auto, or something that sells well over (or close to) BV, I probably won't be able to offer as much as Ebay. Feel free to PM me, or post here if you have anything you think I might be interested in. Thanks.

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    hey i have a rickie weeks leaf certified materials 03 auto new generation #d to 100

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    also have a felix pie 03 bowman heritage signs of greatness and orlando cabrera 04 dk auto/bat/jersey #d to 10

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    Any intrest in this? If so make an offer

    2002 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures Gary Sheffield #d 05/24. BV: Too Rare To Price

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    00 Fleer Greats of The Game Bob Feller Auto BV $25 sell $12
    02 Topps Team Topps Legends Herb Score Auto BV $20 Sell $7

    Total $19. Thanks and LMK!


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    i have a 2001 Mattingly Donruss Sig Series TT Master Series bv200 for sale...make an offer

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    BaseballCardz01 - PM Sent

    Vladfan - PM Sent

    jandjkards - PM Sent

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    i just made a site of all my cards here it is
    list what u want and what u will pay.
    on that site there is also boxes for sale

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    DATcards3848 - I didn't see any autographs or rookies. LMK if I missed something.

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