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    FT: 04 Topps Heritage Master for other sets

    I have completed the 2004 Topps Heritage Master Set including all variations, sp's and three subsets. I would like to trade for similar valued sets and will consider high end rc's and autos. Mostly interested in vintage sets and sets from the 80's: 84 donruss, 84 fleer update, 85 fleer, topps and donruss, 83 topps, 87 fleer, 89 ud, 90 leaf, and so on. i would also consider football sets from the 80's. make an offer.

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    I have these:
    1985 Factory sealed Donruss set
    1985 Topps partial set
    1984 Topps hand collated set complete
    Are you interested? Please let me know. Thanks.

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    i definitely need this - 1985 Factory sealed Donruss set. can you send me a link to your trade page or a list of what else you have to make up the difference?

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    I don't have a link to a tradepage. If you want I can call you and talk to you over the phone. Please e-mail me the number and I will call. It will probably take us all of about 10 minutes to find sets or what exactly you are looking for. Thanks. Frank.

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    the set books $500 + the subsets. can you give me an idea of what else you have for trade? anything else from what i listed above?

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    Have these sets or partial sets:
    1980 Topps Set (missing 77, 94, 210)
    1981 Topps Set
    1982 Topps Set
    1984 Topps Set
    1985 Topps Set (partial)
    1981 Fleer Set
    1983 Fleer Set
    1982 & 1984 Fleer sets (partials)
    1975-1978 Topps partial sets
    Are you only looking for the sets you listed? I can probably get my hands on a 1987 Fleer, 1984 Donruss, 1989 UD sets.
    Please let me know. Thanks.

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    yes, i am definitely more interested in the sets i listed. i may be interested in the 82 topps, though. lmk if you can get those three sets. looking for mint condition and factory sealed is a plus.

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