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Thread: A few GU and autos for SALE!!!

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    A few GU and autos for SALE!!!

    Here they are, the # next to them is the BV!

    Basketball GU or auto cards-
    A.J. Guyton 2000 Sage Silver #270/400 BV$8
    A.J. Guyton 2001-02 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Network Executives ball w/ black grip and net BV$20
    Toni Kukoc 2000-2001 Topps heritage "Authentic Arenas" BV$15
    Ray Allen 2001-02 Fleer Maximum Floor Score Court BV$20

    Just make an offer!


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    No, thanks, I'd want a bit more than that, sorry.

    The dual GU Guyton is a sweet card!


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