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    wttf catfish hunter, johnny bench, gaylord perry, adam dunn, jose canseco

    looking for game used and autos.....lmk what you have...thanks

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    I just pulled a 2001 leaf limited Dunn GU bat. The numbering on the card is 001/500. interested looking for a little more than book in trade.

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    i need the in sig....lmk if we can work something...thanks

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    I would be interested in these.
    TONY GWYNN 01 Fleer Premium Solid Performers #10of15SP BV$4
    TONY GWYNN 98 Pacific revolution Showstoppers BV$8
    TONY GWYNN 98 Revolution MLB Icons #10 BV$10
    TONY GWYNN 94 Pacific Holo #35 BV$6

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